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Built with Passion.


Your ‘Chris Ward Custom Built’ rod will be as individual as you are; hand-crafted and fitted to your individual measurements and requirements in our workshop here in Hampshire, UK .


Using premium materials from only top branded rod blank manufacturers, each rod is crafted with ultimate care and attention to detail, where quality is more important than quantity.

The pricing of individual rods is guided by many factors, we only use top quality components, many of which are imported from outside the UK and the prices fluctuate with the rise and fall of sterling on the currency markets.  With client acceptance of a formal quotation we will commit to that price, subject to any unexpected external circumstances.

When Only the Best Will Do...


custom build rods in hampshire uk

Each of us is of a different stature and this requires fishing rods to be made to cater for our individual dimensions:


  • The size of our hand determines the size of the grip.

  • The length of our arm can determine the position of the reel seat.

  • Our physical strength or stature may enhance or limit certain techniques used in casting.

  • The location, species of fish, fishing method and type of reel further contribute to the design and build of your rod.


These factors lead to the uniqueness and individuality of your ‘Chris Ward Custom Built’ fishing rod.

A Fishing Rod Built for You...


chris ward custom rods, hampshire


A few examples of our Custom Built Rods

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