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Quality Custom Built Coarse, Fly, Sea & Big Game Rods


chris ward - rodcraftsman


Custom Built Fishing & Big Game Rods.

Rodcraftsman is created out of a pure love & passion for the craft of creating custom built fishing rods and handmade angling accessories.


Having built my first rod at the age of 14yrs, rod building has been a lifelong passion being further fine tuned since 2000 when I dedicated my life skills to building and refurbishing beautiful, high quality coarse, fly, saltwater and big game fishing rods for clients to enjoy.


Take a look at my work on the following pages and discover what we can do for and with you. Follow us now so you don’t miss out on any future creations and if you have any questions, please do get in touch.


It's a Craft. It's an Art.

Keep reading to learn more about the wide variety of work here at Rodcraftsman. With an undying passion for quality craftsmanship, unique features and high performance specific to fly, specimen, saltwater & big game rods you’re always in great hands with my, Chris Ward, custom rod building and rod refurbishment services. 


Take a look through our site and see what we’ve done, who we’ve worked with, and what we could achieve with you!

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